Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil

For Food, which is as healthy as delicious, Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil must be used in cooking. Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil is carefully processed in a hi-tech production setup under the guidance of experienced professionals. The entire manufacturing process of Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil is backed by advanced technological applications. Unlike ordinary Soyabean Oils, Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil is absolutely free from impurities and adulterants. The light and odorless Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil contains essential fatty acids, making it ideal for daily consumption. BN EDIBLES PVT. LTD. takes great pleasure in offering Priyagold Refined Soyabean Oil at reasonable prices so that all can afford to use it in cooking and ensure good health for themselves and their family.


Double Kohlu Mustard Oil

Double Kohlu Mustard Oil is a high quality Mustard Oil, suitable for everything- right from cooking to massage. It is processed in a hygienic manufacturing setup under the strict vigilance of experts. Our hi-tech manufacturing process retains the natural goodness and pungency of the high quality Mustard Oil. BN EDIBLES PVT. LTD.’s Double Kohlu Mustard Oil is absolutely free from any kind of impurity and is packed with natural goodness of mustard seeds. Low in saturated fat, Double Kohlu Mustard Oil significantly helps in reducing cholesterol levels. With great pleasure, we promote guilt-free snacking and eating by advising all to use Double Kohlu Mustard Oil in cooking. One popular use of Double Kohlu Mustard Oil is keeping the pickles fresh for a long time without altering their flavor.


Ragini Mustard Oil

Ragini Mustard Oil is perfect for those who are looking for medium quality Mustard Oil that is pocket-friendly as well. Processed from properly cleaned mustard seeds, the Ragini Mustard Oil has various health benefits. BN EDIBLES PVT. LTD.’s Ragini Mustard Oil has become popular as it acts as an effective and cheap alternative to costly massage oils with almost same results. Regular hair massage with Ragini Mustard Oil has helped many get rid of hair problems. At the same time, Ragini Mustard Oil is recognized as an excellent dinner-table company as it is processed very carefully, which makes the food healthier.

Why You Must Choose Ragini Mustard Oil?

  • It decreases bad cholesterol and retains good cholesterol
  • Its aids in digestion while neutralizing toxins